Monday, January 7, 2013

Phd "Pho Hai Duong" Vietnamese Marrickville

I LOVE PHO! I would say this is close to my second most favorite food after Ramen :D It is the best cure for a hangover haha!

Pho is is a type of vietnamese noodle soup, with 2 variations of either Chicken or Beef pho, and is listed at number 28 on "World's 50 most delicious foods" compiled by CNN Go in 2011

Venturing away from the city and Bankstown, we decided to visit another popular vietnamese food town of Marrickville.

Phd or Pho Hai Duong was hard to miss, with bright red sign (which says "Sup'herd Pho", LOL) and very red walls, I can say this is the most RED restaurant I've seen.

When we rocked up on a Monday night to a full house restaurant and was told to wait outside for 10 minutes, we knew it was going to be good.

Every pho dish will not be complete without some basil, lemon and bean sprouts (and chilli too, of course)

Pho rice noodle soup with special beef combination $10
Aaaaah... our order came out 5 minutes after ordering :)
mm...look at the broth glistening, the meat was tender and fatty bits were crunchy, soup was slightly saltier and oilier, but nevertheless still very tasty.
LEFT - Milk Soda with .... egg yolk! Tasted like sweet condensed milk mixed with a bit of soda.. sounds kinda gross but trust me it ain't bad.. surprisingly good actually :)

RIGHT - Ice Lemon Soda

We were informed by the owner they are opening another Phd on Marrickville Road with a bigger space. Nice to see this place is expanding, because clearly it is "sup'herd pho"!

Today we were passing Marrickville and decided to pop by and try other dishes. 

Hot traditional spicy soup with Beef & Pork with thick vermicelli $9.5
This dish was tasty and just the right amount of spicy and sour, a nice option if you're bored of the usual pho

Grilled pork chop with tomato rice $10
This dish was quite salty and oily, but the sauce was very nice. I suggest adding chop chilli into the sauce as it works a treat with the pork chop, the rice was a tad on the soggy side, so I was disappointed as I expected this dish to go better with broken rice, adding sauce onto it only adds to the sogginess :(

If you know of any other good pho joints to recommend, please leave a comment below :)

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more yummy posts.


Phd Pho Hai Duong- Vietnamese
308 Illawarra Rd
Sydney, NSW 2204
Tel: (02) 9559 5078 

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