Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blue Angel

My date picked me up and said "I'm taking you to somewhere special for dinner". Yes first thought was "what am I going to wear?", but Mr Panda reassured me that casual wear is fine, so I decided to go with a black top and skinny jeans (which later proved to be the wrong choice because the buttons on my jeans were holding on for dear life so it wouldn't snap and take someone's eye out, YUP we ate THAT much)

Blue Angel has long been a favorite of Mr Panda for awhile and I was always curious. As soon as I saw the sign I was really excited.

As we were shown to our seats, the waiter pointed out that the menu is written in Chinese only and that we both might not understand (even though I can a little), but when we were presented with the menu, it was both in English & Chinese, so we thought the waiter was slightly weird.

We decided to go with the set menu and have a bottle of wine to accompany. 

After ordering, Mr Panda took me to the giant aquarium filled with lobsters I was gobsmacked! The owner MARCELLO MARCOBELLO happened to be catching one of the lobsters and took it out and handed it to me, to which I responded with a jolt and stepped back! Mr Panda was happy to take it and we both posed for a photo :) The owner then said "that's yours", to which I felt slightly bad because we were gonna eat this lobster straight after.. hmm.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

Chef preparing our steak

Lobster soup

Squid ink spaghetti

Sashimi set (just divine!)

Owner of Blue Angel MARCELLO MARCOBELLO cooking up a storm in the dining room while being photographed by many patrons

Blue Angel
223 Palmer Street  East Sydney New South Wales 2010
(02)9380 5941

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