Monday, July 16, 2012

Euro Bar & Restaurant

Travel Blog: New Zealand

Ever since I've arrived in New Zealand, I was suggested to try New Zealand's own Bluff oysters. As a seafood and especially oyster lover, I HAD to find them.
A friend recommended Euro Bar and Restaurant owned by Simon Gault who is in Masterchef New Zealand.

At the same time, my bestie from Sydney is visiting me for the weekend, so I thought this will be the perfect opportunity. I was slightly worried that booking a table on a Saturday night would be close to impossible, but luckily they had a table available. There are 2 seating times available, either 6.30pm or 8.30pm.
Since we knew we would need time to get ready, we decided for the later.

Good decision because we were half an hour late. LOL!

When we arrived, we were told to head to the other side of the restaurant but was a bit confused as there seem to be no waiter to be found, but a few bartenders behind bars and chefs behind the kitchen. Then I saw Simon Gault standing behind the bar talking to one of the patrons.
So we asked another waiter walking past and he showed us to the Maitre d who finally showed us our table.

We were seated in the open area right next to the water, very romantic. Lucky they had some plastic coverings and a heater blasting above us.

The waiter assigned to us was called Lee (the reason why we remembered was because this waiter was exceptional in his service and overall a lovely chap)

(Click on picture to enlarge)

That's 'Lee' the waiter

Bluff Oyster (Natural, Tempura, Kilpatrick): I guess I had high expectations of the bluff oysters, it wasn't as "special" as I had hoped for. There are also choice of accompaniments to go with the oysters including Smoked Tabasco, Balsamic jelly, Prelibato

My cocktail "Osaka Plum" and yes that is a pair of chopsticks to pick the huge plum inside

Tempura prawns with wasabi aioli: LOVE LOVE LOVE the wasabi aioli, shame it wasn't enough for these prawns, they should've given us more

Long Island Duck with couscous: This was slightly tougher than I expected, but it was still yummy. Not a fan of couscous though, never have and never will.

Dessert menu

Mojito dessert: Rum baba/ Mint Jelly/ Passion fruit & Raspberry sorbet

Mixing the sorbet powder with bicarb soda for an "explosion"

Mix mix mix away..

Pour and watch the foam dance. It really was a sight, we were both oooh-ing and aaah-ing the whole time the waitress was pouring, she probably thought we don't go out much LOL. 

Mandarin tea sorber: Kaffir Lime pannacota/Pistachio crunch/Rasberry yoghurt noodle. I absolutely LOVE this dish. The pistachio is crunchy and goes so well with the sweet Pannacota while the noodle adds quirkiness :)

Affogato with Baileys

Euro Bar and Restaurant
Shed 22 Princes Wharf  143 Quay Street, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
(09) 309 9866

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