Thursday, August 9, 2012

N2 Extreme Gelato: Liquid Nitrogen

A new gelato joint has just opened up near my place, and it is AWESOME!!
N2 gelato has been opened for less than a week and it has definitely attracted a lot of attentions judging from the number of customers at the store and all the news feed on my facebook.

Mr Panda actually surprised me after work a couple of days ago with a scoop of 'Blueberry Cheesecake' ice cream on a cone, I was very happy! It even had small pieces of blueberries in it and I LOVE that.

So we decided to visit the store.
The first thing that caught my eyes were the scientists with their lab coats and ray-ban glasses (which is probably part of their uniform) mixing all sorts of concoctions.
I love the laboratory set up of the metal bench and glass flask bottles neatly displayed in the transparent cabinets. 

(Click on picture to enlarge)

The menu! I was informed that the top seller and a favorite amongst the staff is the 'Buttered Popcorn' which I have yet to try so I can't wait to try it on my next visit.
Plus I need to mention they added a new flavor to the menu today (not pictured here because this photo was taken the day before) and it is my favorite one, 'Geisha's Milk' which is basically green tea flavor.

The scientist hard at work!

'Mango' (This was soooo Yummy! So smooth and it's like you are eating an actual ripe mango! THE BEST mango gelato I've had)

The liquid nitrogen ooozes it's coolness

Geisha's Milk - my absolute FAVORITE!!! Sometimes green tea can be too sweet which I don't like, OR it is a little on the bitter side due to too much green tea powder. But this one was the right balance and it's smooth texture adds to the flavor :)

VIDEO - With the N2 professor! I was so amazed!!!

You guys HAVE to try this, it is a MUST! I mean FRESHLY made gelato with liquid nitrogen right in front of your eyes, it is like art!! But putting aside the novelty of the liquid nitrogen factor, the gelato is fresh, smooth and has great flavors.

It is expensive though for $6 a pop but very worth it TRUST me!!

Have fun :)


N2 Extreme Gelato
43/1 Dixon St
Sydney NSW 2000

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